Friday, August 16, 2013

Some 15mm fantasy figures from Splintered Light

I have begun to build some 15mm fantasy forces, and due to a very good find in the flea market at Historicon, I find myself in possession of a decent-sized, fully-painted army of 15mm orcs,

I have also started to paint a dark elven force. Below are some photos of a sampling of figures as examples, Rather than photographing whole units, I have just taken a picture of a single figure type from each of two types of units I have painted so far. The figures are by Splintered Light, a company that I do not hesitate to recommend.

First, we have some figures that I am using as 'corsair' types:

These figures below are meant to be wood elves--ranger types, I think--but I have turned them to the dark side.

And here, to lead them, we have a character figure. He is definitely the corsair captain, what with his flowing shirt and sea-monster skin cloak.


S. V. B. E.
-The Fox


  1. Great painting on excellent minis, I picked up an order of these, I was/am maybe going to covert them to 15mm 40k sisters of battle, re shaping the hair and facial features, adding breasts and a back pack, but may just use them as dark elves, we will see.

  2. Just painted some of these dark elves/Drow they are amazing you I have painted their armour purple aswell,and also I was thinking of buying those wood elf rangers to use as Dark elf archers