Sunday, July 29, 2012

Piquet/Field of Battle/Hostile Realms @ Historicon 2012 in Photos

Another Historicon has come and gone, and once again there were a great number of games featuring the Piquet family of rules. I got some good photos of most of them, and thought I would post the bulk of them here.

All in all it was a good outing. The venue could use some work, as no place is going to be perfect, but to be honest, I go for the excellent company!

I plan on loading the full quantity of pictures into a zip file and hosting it for download on a free site to those who are interested. Feel free to re-use the photos in any way you see fit, but I would appreciate a credit and a link (if applicable). 

Hostile Realms: run by Dave M., with figures by Eric B.

 Eric B.'s Din of Battle game:

Peter A.'s Field of Battle re-fight of 1st Polotsk:

Another Din of Battle game, put on at the same time by Eric B.:

More of 1st Polotsk:

 Tim C.'s FoB Franco-Prussian War game in 15mm:

The massive Borodino Field of Battle game put on by Peter A., Barry F., and Joe F., with figures provided by the 'Rats.:

The traffic jam at Maloyaroslavets, run by Peter A.:

The Saturday night Franco-Prussian pick-up game, put on by Tim C.:


S.V. B. E.
The Fox


  1. Superb pictures, as usual! Makes me look forward to next year.


  2. Great work as always! Is it 2013 yet?

  3. Excellent pics, of some great looking games!