Friday, August 3, 2012

Edward IV Mounted and Perry Plastics

I have recently purchased some boxes of Perry Plastics from their Wars of the Roses range. Now, I admit, I have loathed my previous experiences with plastic figures. But I have come to realize that this was likely due to the fact that my original plans with all of the plastics I have previously purchased was to build an entire force with them. After modelling one unit, fatigue sets in as I become sick of dealing with fiddly-bits and wondering why on earth someone would cast a plastic miniature in 12-15 different pieces. Exasperated with the agonizingly slow progress, I give up.

This time, however, I purchased some plastic sets with a new mindset: to use them to build small groups of unique figures, for, say, things like command stands and individual characters. This approach is already paying off. It also helps that the Perry plastics are the first ones that hold sufficient detail for them to not look blobular (Wargames Factory, anyone?) to me. The Perrys have crafted plastic miniatures that look little different than metals when placed side-by-side, and that is a significant achievement.

I have put together a command stand with Edward IV a-horse. This was entirely surplus to force requirements, as I already have a command stand with Edward a-foot in my Yorkist army. The process was a great pleasure--an entirely new experience for me when dealing with plastics--and I think the results turned out well. All of the figures are built from some combination of the three Wars of the Roses sets released by Perry miniatures.

In other news on the Wars of the Roses front, my Lancastrian force has come to 'completion,' reaching the original point that I hoped to get it to when I began the WOTR project a little less than a year ago. This makes me quite happy, and, of course, there will be pictures in days to come. The collection of Wars of the Roses figures now stands at around 400 figures painted. I will continue to work on it (and still am: some levy units are on the painting desk as I write), but am glad to have reached a checkpoint, and able to tick something off of my 'Miniature to-do list.'

Si vales, bene est,
The Fox


  1. Great looking command base, and good news about the completion of your Lancastrian force!

    Hopefully your Fox isn't the one that graces the menus of that strange Sports Bar with the pseudo-Irish name we visited on Saturday night, LOL; definitely have to remember to avoid that one next year!


    1. Agree 100%. That place was terrible in several ways: weird random pool table and bar in middle of the room, Fox News on a giant TV, generically bland menu, Irish name???...I could go on. Let's not go there again.

  2. Excellent command - the golden armor is unique. Dean

    1. Thanks a lot, Dean! I'm sure it set ol' Ned back a ducat or two.

  3. First, well done on the command stand. I like the animation you have portrayed.

    Plastics can be fiddly. Large quantities of them make me shudder. I build 'skirmish' forces to use with SAGA (Tomahawk Studio) or Mordheim (Games Workshop). I have a French HYW and English HYW armies...yep...good old pewter for the masses.




    1. Thanks for the compliments, and for linking your blog. There looks to be some good stuff there, though I am uncertain whether I would have the courage, like you, to delve into the psychology of why I collect!

  4. Fantastic looking vignette, nicely laid out and first class painting.


  5. Felix,

    Great looking command stand!