Wednesday, July 13, 2011

And so it begins...

Hello and welcome to Bellulula (Bell-yool-yoo-lah: the diminutive of the diminutive of the Latin bella, 'wars'--hence the header, 'teensy weensy wars'), a small corner of the Interwebs (tm) dedicated to my playing with toys--I have no illusions.  I have no idea how often I will update, but this at least gives me an outlet to, if anything, post pictures of my miniatures.  At the end of the day, that's all folks really want isn't it? To see your painted lead?

For example, here are some pictures of my recently 'completed' (i.e. enough to game with, by no means finished) armies of Romans and ancient Germans.  The pictures of the figs on the table came from a recent game of Piquet using the Archon II rules supplement for Ancient and Dark Ages warfare: an excellent set of rules! Figures are by and large Foundry (and no I didn't pay full price).  Some Old Glory Germans may be slightly visible too.
They didn't get all dressed up for nothin'.

A shot of my general's bodyguard unit, and their commander-in-chief (far left)
Close up on the right-hand stand of the bodyguard.
Romani in line for action.

Contact! (and a stray die!)

And here is a recently painted stand of a recently painted unit (with base unfinished).

I hope you enjoy, and I'm sure I will have more to show for myself soon.  These are the pics I had lying around at hand.

Si vales, bene est.
Felix Vulpes

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