Saturday, July 16, 2011

Some old HYW work

So here are some pictures I took of my now defunct Hundred Years war project.  The figures are Black Tree Designs (purchase from them at your own risk) and were one of the first major miniature purchases I ever made after getting into historicals (only about 4 years ago--I'm still fairly new to the hobby).  Their figures are well sculpted overall, but tend to run rather large, so they do not mix too well with other ranges, which is also a major pain if I ever do decide to revive this project, since I never want to order from them again after still having never received horses from this particular order (and I'm not holding my breath, since it's been 3 1/2 years). 

I really like this period, particularly because in all my painting of ancients I find myself painting with the same colors over and over and over again and painting in muted tones, whereas these guys allow me to paint something a little brighter and practice some free-hand techniques.  This is also why I am excited to start on the War of the Roses figures I have coming to me in the mail from the fine folks at Old Glory.

Here are some photos:
Some dismounted knights.  They are all individually based, rather than being on stands, as I wasn't aiming at any particular rules set, being pretty new to things when I painted them.
Basingbourne at the ready.

A close up on FitzWarin (I think). The ermine is free-hand.

What would the HYW be without some bows?

Spears behind a wall.

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Si vales, bene est.

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  1. If you're doing HYW, I recommend the Old Glory bags as a great, affordable way to get started. The longbowmen and dismounted knights are nice. I haven't seen the quality of the horses, so I don't know how good the mounted figs are. I have painted samples of the Old Glory HYW range on my blog: