Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A finished ogre, a WIP, and promises, promises, promises...

I thought I would pop up a quick post with a picture of an ogre that I just finished.  It was largely painted for the hell of it, and purchased for $2 from a bargain bin at Historicon, so I thought I would have a little fun with it.  It will probably get used in the fantasy skirmishes I play with my son (I'm fiddling with adapting concepts from Hostile Realms for skirmish level games, since I can't get enough of card driven movement and adjustable die types), or may eventually wind up in a Hostile Realms army that looms somewhere on the horizon.  Without further ado:
An Ogre by Reaper (Bob Olley)

I also wanted to share a picture from the workbench of a WIP.  I am starting work on a War of the Roses Yorkist army, and though my bulk of figures from Old Glory is still on the way, I have obtained a set of Perry's exquisitely sculpted Yorkist command figures. I decided I would pass the time waiting paiting up a couple of those, though I usually like to use command stands for last, or use them as a 'treat' in between painting the rank and file.  Here is a picture of the ever-dashing, ever-heroic Edward IV Plantagenet in his storied gilt armor (be it true or no, I wanted a hero figure like Edward to stand out on the table).  It is not finished yet, I still have to do some washes and a little highlighting, but I think I will like the way he turns out, especially when grouped with a standard bearer holding his banner aloft.  More pics to come in future.

Edward IV on foot by Perry Miniatures (WIP)

In Piquet related news, the wife and I played Archon II on this Sunday last, and I hope to get a battle report of the encounter up at some point in the next week or so, if I can find the time.  Expect some pictures and a German ambush.

The Romans better watch that forest to their left...

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  1. Love to see the A2 battle report! Glad you and Michele are breaking out the figures for some gaming! I haven't pushed lead since Historicon!