Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Calling all collectors: figure ID?

I picked up a rather large lot of random medieval figures off of TMP a while ago for a super cheap price, and I have no idea what range to which some of the figures belong. Seeing as this is not my particular forte (being a relative whippersnapper and not so schooled in the history of casting), I thought I would appeal to the interwebs for the sage advice of the HiveMind.

Here we have a very dynamic crusader knight being flung from his unfortunate mount.

'Deus vult!'

Here we have what I think is a modification of one of the knights from below, posed  for a last stand on top of a casualty horse figure.

I'm not certain that this one is related to the above. It is more slender in sculpt.
These may or may not be related. I think the knight on the right is clearly the one from above.

And here are some others: Sneezy, Hoody, and Spearman.
I appeal to your knowledge, oh ye Sages of the Lead!

S. V. B. E.
-The Fox

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  1. I haven't the foggiest idea - helpful, I know!