Wednesday, April 4, 2012

An update and some randomness from the painting desk

To begin by stating the obvious, it has been a while since my last post. Let's just say that a(n ancient) Latin ogre (check your Monster Manual) by the name of Gaius Julius Dissertatio clubbed me over the head and dragged me bag to his lair, and (to mix my ancient cultures) I was only able to escape by clinging to the belly of a ram when he let his herd out to pasture.

I have managed to get some painting accomplished in the interim: my Wars of the Roses project continues, though not as much progress has been made as I would like. Richard of Gloucester's retinue is complete, and I have started in on Will Hastings, and I have also completed a levy bill-bow unit, and some Irish mercenaries for the Lancastrians. The project is about 40% 'complete' (i.e. building for the Battle of Tewkesbury)--as if any wargaming project ever achieves its telos.

I also wanted to post up some pictures of random stuff that I has come from my painting desk at one time or another. A miniatures blog entry is like a PowerPoint presentation: if there aren't any pictures, you're doing it wrong.

Here we have some Scythian nobles from Old Glory 25s: they can easy represent any sort of unruly steppe nomad types on the skirmish table. I was incredibly surprised with how much I liked the sculpts (particularly the middle guy), since I bought them on a whim. No one really knows what the Scythians looked like, as the sources conflict, and archaeological excavations of tomb mounds has turned up mummified corpses which look Ukrainian, and DNA analysis has shown others to be related to the steppe people of western Mongolia. They were likely a mixed grouping of confederate tribes who intermingled.

Apologies for the unfinished bases: that's on the agenda.

Obligatory close-up
The Wife bought some Splintered Light forest creatures (note the cuteness factor) which she has tasked me with painting. This will happen in fits and starts when I feel like painting something tiny. I have never painted in 15mm before: these are my first ones.

My little namesakes! Some sweet little foxes. (Hide the chickens!)

And here are some oldies, painted a goodly while ago, that I don't mind posting up. First we have some Old Glory Norman heavy horse painted up a Swan Knights of Dol Amroth on a whim. I added their head-wraps with some green stuff.
Front view.

Shield view.
And lets finish it off with the following, as whose collection could be complete without a Fellowship (obtained on the old e-bay for $5, I might add: no way am I paying Game$ Work$hop prices!)?

I love Boromir. It's like Richard Sharpe at a Ren-faire.
That's all for now. I hope my next post won't be so long in the making. May the gods of dice and paint favor you!

Si vales, bene est,
-The Fox


  1. I like your knights, pretty cool.

  2. Good to see you posting again, Gabriel! I particularly like the somewhat abstract swan device on the shields - very classy!


  3. Those knights are perfect for a Hostile Realms Kingdom of Gonfor army!!!