Sunday, April 29, 2012

Prize from Otherworld Miniatures

A quick update on my previous post: my prize from Architects of War's drawing arrived earlier this week, and I thought I would update to let folks know what they sent. And as a wise man once said, "The best miniatures are free miniatures."

They kindly sent me one of their blister packs from the Otherworld Miniatures line, which is really well-done: lots of classic D&D-esque figures, cultists, big snakes, all that jazz. I received a 3 figure blister of their Drow Warriors (MSRP $17.60 USD), which are excellently sculpted. I thought that instead of taking a picture of bare minis in a blister, I would just link up the picture from their site: who wants to look at bare metal and plastic?

The middle guy is very reminiscent of the old cover art for the Forgotten Realms  novels featuring Drizzt.

Needless to say, I am always pleased to receive free miniatures. I would love to own a few more of their sets to paint up for my fantasy skirmish model collection, but their price point is a little steep for my fellowship stipend. I highly recommend them, however, to those who love excellent 28mm fantasy miniatures and have deeper pockets.

S. V. B. E.
The Fox

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