Sunday, July 29, 2012

Piquet/Field of Battle/Hostile Realms @ Historicon 2012 in Photos

Another Historicon has come and gone, and once again there were a great number of games featuring the Piquet family of rules. I got some good photos of most of them, and thought I would post the bulk of them here.

All in all it was a good outing. The venue could use some work, as no place is going to be perfect, but to be honest, I go for the excellent company!

I plan on loading the full quantity of pictures into a zip file and hosting it for download on a free site to those who are interested. Feel free to re-use the photos in any way you see fit, but I would appreciate a credit and a link (if applicable). 

Hostile Realms: run by Dave M., with figures by Eric B.

 Eric B.'s Din of Battle game:

Peter A.'s Field of Battle re-fight of 1st Polotsk:

Another Din of Battle game, put on at the same time by Eric B.:

More of 1st Polotsk:

 Tim C.'s FoB Franco-Prussian War game in 15mm:

The massive Borodino Field of Battle game put on by Peter A., Barry F., and Joe F., with figures provided by the 'Rats.:

The traffic jam at Maloyaroslavets, run by Peter A.:

The Saturday night Franco-Prussian pick-up game, put on by Tim C.:


S.V. B. E.
The Fox