Monday, August 4, 2014

Historicon 2014 Photo Dump

Here are a collection of photos from Historicon 2014 held in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Most of the pictures here come from the Piquet Field of Battle and Pulse of Battle games in which I participated. At the end are a few shots of other nice looking games on show at the convention.

First, from Tim's FoB2 Latema Nek WWI East Africa game (with Tim's lovely 28mm khaki troops):

Proof that Peter touched khaki troops (from the replay of the game on Friday):

From the Pulse of Battle pick-up game on Thursday night, New Kingdom Egyptians versus Assyrians (with Peter's excellent collection of ancient warriors):

Peter's FoB2 Battle of Montmirail (French and Prussians are from Peter's collection, the Russians are lovingly 'greened' by Barry):

And now from something completely different:

-The Fox


  1. Nice photos! Looks like you had a good time at H-Con. Maybe next summer.

  2. Thanks for that. I'll get over to a US show one of these days.

  3. NIce pictures! Audrey was relieved to know I was indeed gaming miniatures in the USA - the question of any use of Photoshop was never asked ...

  4. You got some great shots! Always a pleasure to see you and Michelle. I look forward to some WotR action in 2015!