Sunday, September 14, 2014

Euron Grejoy and a Braavosi bravo

Just a quick post to drop pictures of a couple figures I have semi-finished (i.e. basing time has not come around yet: I usually wait until I have a significant number of figures needing bases done before pulling out all the gear). These two both need varnishing as well, but in order to keep the posts rocking, I thought I would throw them up here.

Here is a figure I have converted to be Euron 'Crow's Eye' Grejoy. I know, I know, the patch is over the wrong eye, but we make due with what we have.

The body and upper legs are from the Perry WotRs figures, as well as the arms. The boots are from a Perry plastic dismounted Napoleonic dragoon. The cloak is from the Fireforge Teutonic infantry set, and, lastly, the head is from a Warlord plastic Imperial Roman sprue. I though he turned out with quite a nice swashbuckling look. I might sculpt a base for him that looks like wooden planks of a ship's deck.

The figure below was posted in the last post unpainted. It is meant to be a swaggering Braavosi bravo, a brash young swordsman who prowls the canals searching for a fight.

The main body is Perry WotR. The slashed sleeves are from a Warlord Pike and Shotte command sprue I had lying around. The head is from a Foundry dark age warrior of some sort. The frilly collar is sculpted by me.

I hope you enjoy the pictures!


  1. Very nicely executed, well thought out conversions!

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